Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm wondering what's about that..

I took this picture during the vernissage of the Venice Biennale. It was June. This is an artwork of Urs Fisher, under the title "Illuminations". His work involves three 1:1 sized wax candle sculptures. The figures are self-destruct during the show.  In the picture you can see just 2 of the 3 candles, the third is (was?) an office's chair.
The impressive reproduction of "Il ratto delle Sabine" of Giambologna is probably still burning, by the way it was a 4 meters tall candle, but the "candle man"...?What's about it?I think it's over and I'm in some way sorry for that :(

Two months after visiting the Biennale I'm still thinking about what I saw and changing my mind every day about which was the best work exhibited, this is one of my fav so far, Urs Fisher is a great artist that perfectly understood how to deal with a temporary ad monumental event like the Biennale of Art: make something great, make something that goes along harmoniously with the space, make something that will wear out during the event. Great!

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